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For us, Gloe is so much more than just a beverage.   

While surfing in Manhattan Beach, co-founder Danny Stepper had an accident that gashed open his forehead.  After getting stitches, his doctor prescribed not only applying Aloe Vera to the scar but also recommended drinking it.  The problem was he couldn't find any healthy options that weren't full of sugar, organic or local.  Luckily for Stepper, he and his friends are in the beverage business.   

Gloe is part of L.A. Libations, an emerging beverage incubator that was founded by Stepper, Pat Bolden and Dino Sarti. The three first met while working as merchandisers for Coca-Cola Enterprises and after many successful years in the beverage industry they reunited to create L.A. Libations and in turn their own passion project, Gloe Brands.